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Tussanee's Lash Retention and Styling Course - Los Angeles, California JUNE 11-12, 2022

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Tussanee's Lash Retention and Styling Course - Los Angeles, California JUNE 11-12, 2022

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June 11-12, 2022

129 Savarona Way
Carson, CA 90746


This is a 2-day course for advanced lash stylists who are want to see better retention (4 weeks) and learn how to style lashes without using a lash map. The lash retention principles you'll learn are best applied to classic, premade, and promade lashing. These principles can work with volume lashing but are much more difficult to apply.

When you walk away from this course you'll have a new lash paradigm to work with. With some practice, you'll be able to get your clients to go longer between appointments which will allow you to book more clients and will raise your skill level so you can charge more for your services.    


2 full days of training
6 hours of hands-on instruction with 2 models 
Lash kit from Untamed Artistry 
Breakfast bites, coffee, and juice
Catered lunch


What are control lashes?
Why working with insurance lashes (baby lashes) is okay and necessary. 
A better understanding of lash growth.
Rethinking how cyanoacrylate adhesives work.
What is real lash damage and why you can stop worrying about it.
The best way to rinse your client's lashes.
Why you need to stop lashing "flat on the pad".
How to "pop" the lid properly to give you the best lash bonds.
How using your fingers to manipulate the lid will allow you to get better bonds.
A new approach to taping the lid.
Components of the "Integrity Bond".
PCC - Position, coat, and connect.
The proper amount of glue is not what you think.
How to swipe and consolidate the glueball.
What is the wicking action and why it's your best friend.
How to tickle and hit your target. 
What is the T & L technique?
A new approach to lashing rows.
The apex and lash perspective.
Dimension vs non-dimension.
Why lash maps actually limit your ability to give the best lashes.
What are authentic lashes versus iconic lashes?
What is Bloom Theory? 
Lash troubleshooting.
What do less-than-ideal techniques look like.
What is LASHDDD Theory?
What 3 questions you need to ask when evaluating lashes?