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Overcoming The Lash Allergy and How to Partner With a Doctor Webinar PLUS Live Q&A

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Overcoming The Lash Allergy and How to Partner With a Doctor Webinar PLUS Live Q&A

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Lash Allergy Webinar:

Once you purchase this course you will receive an email in about 5 minutes or less with a link to the webinar. You will have access to this webinar for 2 months. 

You will also receive another email with a link to the PDF download. You'll want to download this PDF before you watch the webinar. 

Live Q&A:

We will host a live Q&A with Tussanee on January 31, 2022 at 4pm PST. She will stay as long as you need her to answer all your questions. While you watch the webinar, please write down all your questions so you are ready for the live Q&A.

You will receive a Zoom invite a few days before the Q&A. If you can't make it, we'll send you the replay of the session within two days. 

THIS WEBINAR IS ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL JANUARY 21st. After that, you'll need to wait till later this year to see it. 


Have you lost a client because they had an allergic reaction to the adhesive you use? If you have been lashing for a year or more, you've certainly encountered this issue. 

What if there was a protocol you could offer your clients that would allow most of them to continue to have lashes while still being allergic? 

We have great news...there is a protocol available that will help your clients and keep you from losing clients.

Tussanee had her first client allergic reaction in 2006 and immediately started to look for answers. Over the next two years, she met with doctors and practitioners, and by 2008 she had discovered a way for her clients to continue to have their lashes even if they are allergic to the adhesive. 

Over the years at our salon, Integrity Lash, we have seen hundreds of clients who were allergic to the adhesive, and all but a few were able to continue to come because of the protocol Tussanee developed along with Dr. Warren Stout. (LINK TO DR. STOUT BIO)

When you are done with this webinar, you'll know exactly how to calm your client's concerns and keep them as a client even if they are allergic to the glue. You'll also know how to partner with a doctor which will elevate your business and provide a safety net in case you encounter something you don't know how to solve. 

In this course, we'll cover the following:

  • What causes the allergy
  • How do advise clients of the risk of an allergy
  • What an adhesive allergy looks like and what it's not
  • What to do if a client is allergic to the glue
  • How clients can be allergic and still wear lash extensions
  • How to get a meeting with a doctor
  • How to demonstrate your value to a doctor 
  • Word for word consult on what you need to say to advise clients 

In this course, we'll be answering these questions:

  • When does the allergy usually occur?
  • Should you implement patch testing before their service?
  • Is wrong to apply lashes on someone with a known allergy?
  • What causes the allergy?
  • Can formaldehyde cause the allergy?
  • Will clear glue help prevent the allergy?
  • Is sensitive glue a good option if someone is allergic?
  • Can carbon black cause an allergy?
  • Does hydroquinone cause the allergy?
  • Is hydrocortisone safe to use on the eyes?
  • Does Benadryl/Claritin work to minimize the allergy?
  • Does having an air filter in the room helps to minimize the lash allergy?
  • Can you predict who will have an allergic reaction?
  • What if only one eye gets puffy and do you deal with that?

Just imagine while all your competition tells their clients that they can no longer have lash extensions, you won't lose any clients from this lash allergy. Who knows...maybe some of your competition's clients who are allergic will hear about you and come to your business? 

Along with all this great information, we'll be giving you a script that you can use when you do your lash consults. This script will guide you through the whole onboarding process with your client and make sure they understand what they need to do if they find out they are allergic to the glue.

This class comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We believe you'll walk out of this class with a strong understanding of how to deal with the lash allergy that if for any reason you are not happy with this course is over, we'll refund you your money. You shouldn't have to pay for something that doesn't deliver what you expected. 

We can't wait to sit down and help you and your clients overcome the lash allergy.