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LashCast 2022 Webinar Bundle

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Gain access to all 6 of our planned webinars for 2022 for only $247. 

Once you buy this bundle, you'll be added to our guest list. You'll receive instructions on how to watch the webinar about one week before the release date (most webinars will be live but some will be replays).

You'll have 30 days to watch the replay of each webinar. 

The Webinar Schedule and Description: 

May 31 - How to Price Your Services for Profit

What should you charge for your services? Are you simply matching your competitor’s prices? In this class, we’ll go over how to build a budget for your business, how to figure out what your real costs are, and how to price your services correctly so that you will make at least a 10% profit. Price your services accurately and learn when to raise your prices in the future as your business grows.

June 6 - Overcoming the Lash Allergy Replay

Same webinar from our January replay. 

August 15 - Everything You Need to Know About Lash Glue

There is so much confusion and misinformation about the lash adhesive that we use in our industry. Tussanee has spoken with chemists and doctors over the last 14 years and has put together this webinar that will help you get to the facts. We'll cover the history of cyanoacrylate, what it is and how it's made, what things to you need to be concerned about, how to deal with contraindications, plus a whole lot more. When you are done with this class, you'll be more confident than ever about the glue you use. 

September 19 - Lash Tricks and Tips

In our 17 years of doing lashes, we have picked up a lot of little hacks and tricks along the way that has made us more effective and efficient in our lashing. In this webinar, we’ll share our secrets and best practices so you can take your lashing to the next level.  

October / November - TBD

December 5 - Creating an Experience That Will Turn Your Clients Into Fans

We grew our salon to where we were seeing 40-50 clients a day and the salon was bringing in over 7 digits of income a year. How did we do that? We built a lash team that really cared about our clients and we had created a unique customer experience that no one else in Los Angeles could compete with. By coming up with great customer service system and really caring for our clients, we created raving fans who would tell their friends all about us. 

In this webinar, we'll do a customer service audit, explain how to upgrade your touchpoints, and give you a list of new ideas you can consider using in your business.

LashCast 2022 Webinar Bundle