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Covid-19 Salon Reopening Playbook

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OPPORTUNITY TO DONATE: While we are giving this ebook away for free, there is an option for you to make a donation of $5, $15, $25, or $50. When you go to checkout, just above the quantity box is a field where you can select what level of donation you want to give us. Whatever you choose is fine...this is our gift to the industry and there is no expectation that you need to pay for this. can always come back and make a donation later. If you want to download the ebook and see if it is helpful and then come back and donate...that works for us too. :) 

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Salons are starting to open all over and you might be thinking "Okay...I've never been here before, what am I supposed to do?" 

We created this little ebook to be a guiding light for you during this time. In this ebook, we cover new policies you need consider, trainings that will equip you to be a better professional, steps you need to take to make your salon safe, communications you need plan on, ideas on how to set up your salon, links to products you should look into buying, and 4 checklists you can use to guide you through this reopening process. 

Our book is by no means the final word on what you need to do when it comes to opening your salon but we have packed a lot of useful info for you to consider. We do encourage you to also consult the CDC, local and state governments as well as your state boards of cosmetology.

There is a lot to think about but we have done a lot of the homework to help simplify your reopening process. 

The ebook is 31 pages long, but it is a quick and easy read. The part that you might find to be the most helpful are the checklists in the back of the ebook that boils down all the ideas in the previous pages into simple lists. 


Paul & Tussanee Luebbers


Covid-19 Salon Reopening Playbook